Help Us Expand!

Hello All,

Science Wiki is getting big and we have passed our 100 pages mark but we still need help to continue growing. So that's why I ask you, the members or the passer byers, to help us. Below you will find a short list of things this wiki really needs and if you have any suggestions don't forget to post them below.

Here we go:

  • More How to ... Articles - At the moment only two How to ... articles have been made in over a month after their lunch. Both of them by me. All you need to do is write up, simply, a small method and you're done. To create one go here
  • More Elements - We have managed to add 20ish Elements to Science Wiki's periodic table but most of the don't have information or images. Please help by adding detailed information to our elements. You can find them here
  • More Science Articles - Yes I know its a bit vague but for a wiki of our age we should have at least 500 pages but we have 1/5 of that. So keep adding them try our Wanted Pages to find what needs to be made.
  • Expand our articles - We have 76 stubs at the minute which I think is ridiculous so if you can find something you know about here try and expand on it.
  • Share us with other people - We only have 3ish editors at the minute so wherever and whenever you can try and mention Science Wiki and tell people they should take a look.

Thanks for all your help and keep editing,
MattyMG13 (Talk) 21:19, July 8, 2014 (UTC)